Welcome Ladies

Hello Ladies!

Let me start off by saying what an absolute treat last year was. The Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort has become one of our new favorite places! Speaking of “new”, I am excited to share my heart behind this year’s theme, 'New Wine'.


Many of us have heard messages about “old wineskins” over the years and we know this speaks about the importance of pouring new wine into a skin that is prepared and able to contain and not spoil the wine. This principle, of course, is symbolic of us being containers for the Holy Spirit and our need to allow God to change and prepare us to be able to contain what He desires to pour into us. I don’t think this message could be more appropriate for the age we are living in. This IS a season of new and fresh and God IS preparing His church to be able to contain the newness of His Spirit! Isaiah 43 says “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?”


Do you see it ladies? Do you see the move of God that is upon us? It is the freshness of intimacy with Him and the newness of an activated bride, wholly committed to Jesus! I pray that you take the time out of your busy schedule to join us this Fall for a time of relaxation and refreshing as we dive into the new thing God has prepared us for! (PS: I’ll see you at the fire pit for s'mores and late-night girl time!!)


With great love and anticipation,

Pastor Melodie

Speakers & Musicians

Tracy Stewart is uniquely anointed to inspire passion in people while reaching across all barriers of age, gender, race, denomination and economic status. Characterized by humor, honesty and often the prophetic, Tracy's dynamic speaking ability and down-to-earth demeanor is seasoned with grace and capable of lifting anyone who needs encouragement. Every message is wrapped with genuine excitement and a sincere care for God's people.

AW's Bethany Hoyt and Stephanie Hart will be co-leading worship at this year's conference, along with other members of the Albany Worship's team. Their passion for the presence of God and desire to see the Church be one inspires others to go deeper in pursuit of the Father and in relationship with one another. These ladies are gifted in prophetic song and are sincere in their desire to be led by the Spirit.

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